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The Management
of your Vacation Rental in Andorra

gestión apartamentos turísticos andorra

It doesn't need to be complicated

At AndBnB, we offer a pioneering full-service management for tourist accommodations and vacation rentals. Ideal for property owners with busy schedules looking to optimize their short-term apartment investment in Andorra.

Quickly and easily, we maximize your revenue and ensure your guests are satisfied.

We Manage Your Vacation Rental in Andorra

Profitably, Effectively, Transparently

A Turn Key Solution
for your Airbnb in Andorra

We take care of everything!

Dynamic Pricing Management

Our artificial intelligence algorithm will automatically adjust your property's prices, so you sell at the best rate every time.

We thoroughly clean before each arrival and check the condition of the property after each departure.


We handle filing the appropriate tax forms with the government on a quarterly basis.

Optimization of Your Listing

We optimize your online listing using advanced SEO & LEO techniques to improve its position in the OTA search results.

Customer Support

We communicate with your guests 24 hours a day to ensure that they are satisfied before, during and after their stay.

Quarterly Report

We provide a detailed quarterly report so you can see your property's performance, helping you make informed decisions.

Integration with Alternative Channels

Your property will be connected and updated on alternative platforms to Airbnb such as Tripadvisor, Booking, VRBO, and Expedia.

With regular reviews, we keep your property in perfect condition, anticipating any issues and avoiding guest's complaints

Guest Verification

We comply with regulations, performing guest verification and updating the police occupation register.

Professional Photography

We capture the best images of your property, creating a visually stunning and unforgettable experience for your guests.

Check-in, Check-out, and Incident Management

We handle any unexpected issues, always.

Continuous Improvement Plan

We analyze your guests' feedback and develop a customized improvement plan for your property.




100% Passive Investment

We handle all aspects of your property management, ensuring your investment is completely passive and worry-free.


Service Excellence Guarantee

If we receive a rating of less than 4 stars, we'll waive the management fee as a testament to our commitment to service excellence.



Our initial commitment is for only one year. If you're not satisfied with our services, you're free to end our collaboration without any problems or complications.


Maximize Your Revenue

We increase your revenue so that even after our management fees, you'll see a clear return on investment. It's as if our services were free.


Total Transparency and Honesty

We offer complete visibility into all operations related to your property. From guest check-in and check-out to communication and pricing.


Availability of Your Apartment

Your property, your rules. You can use your apartment as you wish, offering unparalleled flexibility for you to enjoy your investment the way you see fit.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can AndBnB's tourist apartment management in Andorra be personalized for my needs?

Yes, although to maximize your results, we always recommend letting us manage your vacation rental 100%. In any case, if there is a specific service you need, let us know and we will make a proposal.


How much could I increase my income with AndBnB's vacation apartment management in Andorra?

Each property has unique characteristics, so we will analyze your property individually to guarantee, not only make your life easier, but also help you earn more money.

Our vacation rentals are prepared with the utmost care and we set dynamic prices that vary depending on the market and the competition. Our commitment is that your property generates more money than 80% of similar accommodation in your area.


How can managing your Airbnb in Andorra through AndBnB help me achieve 5-star ratings and optimize my income?

We love our job, and we are very good at it! Our team will be dedicated to improving your listing, so you'll have higher visibility and more bookings on booking portals. It will also update the price of the reservation based on different variables, so the price will not be too low on the day of the annual event in your location and not too high on a weekday. AndBnB will be attentive to any needs of your guests during their stay and will leave your property in perfect condition for the next reservation. All this will allow you to be a 5-star host, increasing your income and being able to enjoy your time.

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