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Bring a host of a vacation rental and get a  Reward!


Recommend us to a friend or family member who has a vacation rental apartment or house and is looking for an Airbnb management service. Once we close the deal, we will send you up to €300.  Easy-peasy!


Your contact reaches out

We get in contact and explain what we do.


We sign a contract 

And we begin to manage his vacation rental home.


We send you your gift

After starting we will send you a gift of up to €300

Earn money, recommending us to an owner of tourist appartment

Frequent Asked Questions


What exactly do I have to do to receive my gift of up to €300?

Not much, really. The only thing you need is to make an intro with an owner of short-term rental accommodation so that we know that it comes from you. If in the end we manage to close an agreement, we'll send you the money. Without complications.


How long will it take to receive the money?

30 days from the moment we start working with the person you introduce us to. 


How does the payment work?

It will depend a bit on each case, but as a general rule if you have an account in an Andorran bank, we will make a wire transfer. If not, we will send you an Amazon gift card.


You have more questions?

Review our terms and conditions here

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