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Updates on Andorra's New Foreign Investment Law

Following the global pandemic, Andorra has seen a significant increase in foreign real estate investments. This surge has prompted the Principality to introduce a new law aimed at regulating these investments, ensuring they align with Andorra's commitment to sustainable development and environmental standards. For potential investors considering Andorra as their next investment destination, understanding the nuances of this new legislation is crucial. Here’s what you need to know.

Real State in Andorra
Real estate in Andorra for foreign investors

Objective of the New Law

The main goal of the new investment law is to manage the recent boom in foreign real estate investments within Andorra. This legislation is not just about regulation; it's about steering these investments in a direction that supports Andorra's vision for sustainable growth and contributes to the financing of public policies.

A Progressive Taxation Model

At the heart of the law is a progressive taxation model. The model is designed to tax foreign real estate investments based on their actual value, with rates ranging from 3% for the first property to 10% for investments in more than nine properties. This tiered approach seeks to balance the influx of investments with the principality's development goals.

Tax Incentives for Rental Properties

A standout feature of the new law is the tax credit offered to investors focusing on the rental market. If you're investing in properties intended for permanent residence for at least ten years, you could be eligible for this incentive. This decision underscores Andorra's effort to boost the availability of rental housing, while ensuring these incentives are not misused.

Compliance and Penalties

The law introduces a clear framework for the declaration and payment of taxes, requiring investors to make a preliminary payment and complete a self-assessment before finalizing their investment. Notably, there is a penalty regime for those who fail to comply, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the new regulations.

Exemptions and Special Conditions

Understanding the exemptions and special conditions is key for investors. The law outlines specific scenarios where investments are exempt from taxation, including acquisitions by death and contributions of real estate to companies under certain family relationships. Additionally, investments aimed at commercial, professional, or industrial activities that contribute to job creation may also qualify for exemptions.

Redefining Foreign Investment

The law expands the definition of foreign investment to include direct acquisitions of real estate, participation in legal entities owning real estate, and involvement in development projects. This broadened scope aims to capture a wider range of investment activities, ensuring comprehensive regulation.

Administrative Changes and Processing Fees

Investors should note the change in the administrative authorization regime for foreign investments, moving from a system of positive administrative silence to one of negative silence. This change reflects the need for more thorough examination of investment applications. Furthermore, the introduction of a processing fee for applications clarifies and updates previously ambiguous charges.

Looking Forward

For those considering investing in Andorra, this new law represents a significant shift. While it introduces additional layers of regulation and taxation, it also opens up opportunities, especially for those interested in the rental market. The progressive tax rates and focus on sustainable development reflect Andorra's commitment to responsible growth management.

As Andorra positions itself as a prime destination for foreign investment, understanding the complexities of this new law will be key to making informed decisions. Whether you're drawn to the principality for its stunning landscapes, strategic location, or favorable tax conditions, navigating the new investment framework with a clear understanding will ensure your investments are both successful and sustainable.

If you need more information, here you can find a link to the law in full.

Llei Inversio Extranjera Andorra
Download PDF • 291KB


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